Solution Cannot Change BBM Display Picture (DP) / Profile Picture

Good night everyone, now is really booming about the BlackBerry problem. According to info a few days ago there was indeed a disturbance at RIM. The problem is that all blackberry users cannot send BBM (red cross) then cannot change the Display Picture (DP) BBM. Now with this problem came the misleading Broadcast Messages (BC), this is the order. And in fact, most BBM users swallow the broadcast raw for the reason that it's just right. Even though if you think realistically all of the Broadcasts (BC) don't make sense. 

Smart Phone For Smart People

I think the slogan is mostly not valid for Blackberry users now because most Blackberry users can only use it without any willingness to find out the ins and outs of Blackberry. My statement goes back to each of you, what's included in the category or not ?? 

Many customers raged at the call center because of blackberry interference to the hard complain, even though if you want to read the news and watch for the news you shouldn't complain to the call center anyway, everything can be learned on the internet (ask mbah google) and the interference is not on the operator is playing RIM.

Instead of digressing a lot let's talk about how to overcome Can Not Change Display Picture (DP) / Profile Picture (PP) BBM:


This tutorial is on BlackBerry OS 5, for BlackBerry OS 6.7 and so on please adjust the blackberry menu itself. To make it easier to check the display picture changes / no, please add your own pin.

A. Mobile network setup

If you have a WiFi connection at your place, try connecting the BlackBerry with WIFI and turn off the Mobile Network.

  • Select the menu that has the antenna picture, choose wifi network setup and connect with wifi

  • Turn off the mobile network by unchecking mobile netwok

  • Try changing the display picture, if it still hasn't changed, try the next method

B. Host Routing Table  (HRT) , how to:

  • Select the Option menu - Advanced Options - Host Routing Table (HRT) - Select the row of letters in the Bold - Press the Blakcberry Menu select Register Now

  • If successful the message will appear in the message menu "Your handheld has been registered with the wireless network"

C. Send Service Book

Send Service Book applies to blackberry users who have set / add email on their BlackBerry so for users of the Dhuafa package aka the lifestyle package aka the Gaoool package will not be able to do this, how to:

  • Enter the Setup menu, select Email Setup - select an email, then press the Blackberry button, select send service books.

  • If the service books are successful there will be an incoming email which is essentially you have successfully set up your blackberry device.

D. Diagnostics Test, how to:

  • Enter the Options menu Mobile network options - Press the Blackberry Menu - Select Diagnostics Test - Press the blackberry menu then select Run

  • Wait until the process is complete

E. Done, please try changing the picture display several times. Good luck

My message, try to try and find out beforehand rather than continuing broadcasts that mislead others.

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